About Lygos Trading Limited

Lygos Trading Limited was established in the United Kingdom in 2015 to specialise in sourcing, importing, distributing and marketing high quality gourmet food and drink products from around the world.

About Selamlique

Selamlique is the world’s leading luxury purveyor of Turkish Coffee and Turkish sweets and confectionary. Founded in Istanbul in 2009, Selamlique’s vision and goal was to bring back and preserve the authentic ritual of Turkish coffee drinking and hospitality that had been lost to an extent with the advent of mass market commercial coffee roasting. Selamlique has also focused on innovation with the launch of the first Turkish coffee in single-serve sachets to make Turkish Coffee more convenient.

Selamlique now has mono-brand stores in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Nicosia (N. Cyprus) and corners within Haremlique stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Kuwait. Selamlique Istanbul products are also sold in selective department stores and its coffees served in high-end locals locally and abroad.