NEW! Arzum Electric Turkish Tea Maker

The Arzum Electric Tea maker brews Turkish tea with the most advance technology. Not only can it be used to brew Turkish, but works perfectly for use with Green tea and herbal infusions. Its revolutionary stainless steel removable filter ensures that the contends does not lose its freshness. And the tea pot which is made of Schott glass for ultimate durability, allows the user to see how strong your infusion is.

The lower pot has a separate lid and can be used as a standalone kettle.

Additional Features Include: 

  • 3-pin UK plug
  • Removable stainless steel tea filter ensures longer freshness
  • Double heat system turns the kettle off automatically after boiling and switches to keep-warm mode to save energy
  • Large kettle (1. 8lt) and teapot (0. 8lt) capacity
  • Can be used as a stand-alone kettle
  • Award-winning design with schott glass for extra safety