Selamlique Turkish Coffee Beans, 100g net weight

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100g Coffee Beans - Taster

This is a brand new offering from Selamlique - Turkish Coffee Beans. Traditionally, Turkish Coffee has always been pre-ground for sale, but Selamlique now offers Turkish Coffee Beans for grinding at home. 100g net weight.
Selamlique’s authentic Turkish coffee is prepared and served using processes unchanged over centuries. This is Selamlique's classic signature traditional Turkish Coffee. Made from specially grown Arabica beans, this traditional flavoured coffee blend is the perfect pick-me-up. The ritual and culture surrounding Turkish Coffee is something that has always been close to the hearts of the company's founders and the spirit of the company.


Grind your Turkish Coffee beans as required. Add 7g Selamlique Turkish Coffee, and sugar if you take it, to the Turkish cezve pot along with 70ml water and place over a medium heat stirring gently to combine the ingredients. As soon as it almost boils over, lift the pot away from the heat. Then, place the pot back on the heat and watch for the foam to rise, then lift it away from the heat when it does. Pour the contents into your cup and allow your coffee to settle and cool a little in the cup before drinking.